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The annual ACT Back-to-School mailing—featuring ACT test dates, research, product updates and descriptions, and test prep options—will be delivered this month and the pdf version is now available online.

Accommodations Update: English Learner Support

ACT is committed to improving access and equity for those students whose proficiency in English might prevent them from fully demonstrating the skills and knowledge they have learned in school. Learn what our support includes.

  • Extended time testing
  • Use of an approved word-to-word bilingual dictionary
  • Testing in a familiar environment or small group
  • Translated written test directions in 12 select languages

Test scores earned using EL supports approved in advance by ACT are college reportable. 

Social and Emotional Learning Matters. See the Data.

Student success is dependent on multiple aspects in addition to academic ability. In the past decade, the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has been well researched and many agree that noncognitive factors like these are essential to student development.

  • 77% of teachers say that strong SEL skills improve academic performance
  • 87% of teachers believe that SEL is a major benefit in preparing students for the workforce
  • On average, every $1 invested in SEL-development programs yields $11 in long-term benefits, ranging from reduced juvenile crime, higher lifetime earnings, and better mental and physical health

PBS Roadtrip Nation: Share Your Road

The ACT Center for Equity in Learning is teaming up with Better Make Room and career experts at Roadtrip Nation to create a unique community where individuals who persisted in overcoming odds to complete post-secondary education can share their stories with students and community members.

Now Available! The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Campus Visits

Help students plan, prepare, and complete an effective campus visit with this eBook. In The Ultimate Guide to Campus Visits we identify the importance of college and university visits and how they have a major impact on a student’s final decision. 

Planning Guides for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Year


Avoiding the “Senior Slide”
From enrolling in challenging classes to choosing a college, this eBook helps seniors finish strong during their last year of high school. 


5 Questions Students Must Ask While College and Career Planning
This eBook provides juniors with useful tips, advice, and strategies for planning a path to college and career. 


Eyes on the Prize: How to Do Your Best During Your Sophomore Year
Coming soon!


National ACT Test - September 9

Registration Deadline: August 4, 2017

From High School to College: 

Examining Research on Student Characteristics, Preferences, College Search Behaviors, and Enrollment and Retentions Patterns

Date: Mid-August

College and Career Readiness Workshops

Register today to attend an ACT College and Career Readiness Workshop near you! The theme for this year’s workshop is “Preparing Students for Success: A Holistic Approach.” 

Product Spotlight

ACT Online Prep (AOP)

Help your students prepare for the ACT with ACT Online Prep—an engaging, interactive program.

  • Flexible, personalized learning paths customized to each student’s needs and test timeframe so they can review material at their own pace
  • Two full-length tests and thousands more practice questions familiarize students with the ACT format and build their confidence  for test day
  • Engaging games they can play with other students encourage them to test their knowledge
  • Students can access the program online or through a free mobile app anytime

Students registering for the ACT test with a fee waiver have FREE access to ACT Online Prep.