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College and Career Guidance for Your Students

Navigating the demands of high school can be challenging for your students. With so much to do year-by-year with classes, exams, extracurriculars, and social obligations, planning for college can sometimes be an afterthought, or planning gets pushed back until it’s too late.

Knowing what to prioritize is half the battle.

Ease student stress with this timely suite of resources, organized by graduation year that helps your students identify the tasks that should be accomplished each month. If students spend a small amount of time reviewing the recommended activities and using the planning tools, they will stay on the path to future success without neglecting their high school duties. 

Email Communications

Download these Word docs to use as communications to your students and their parents to introduce this suite of resources.

Social Media Images

Lead students to the suite of resources with these social media images in your posts.

Prep for Your Future - Group of graduating students taking a selfie

Suggested Copy (Class of 2018)
Need help planning for what's ahead? Use these resources.

What to do your Junior year- Students talking to teacher

Suggested Copy (Class of 2019)
Senior year is right around the corner. Plan for what’s next.

Must have resources for sophomores - Students doing homework

Suggested Copy (Class of 2020)
Have you thought about life after high school? Use these resources to start planning.

Class of 2018: The One Thing Your SENIORS Should Do Right Now

Apply for Financial Aid

Tuition costs at colleges and universities continue to rise1. Students, if they have older siblings, know that escaping without debt is becoming increasingly harder. These realities may discourage some of your students from attending college.

Having enough financial aid may be their only option. With proper planning and cost comparison, higher education can be affordable. But knowing where to find financial aid and how to apply for it can be difficult.

To help, we’ve curated reliable resources to help students know where to start looking for financial aid. 

The Importance of Financial Aid - Student dropping coin into piggy bank

Suggested Copy
Financial planning for college can be a difficult and complicated task. Start here.

Class of 2019: The One Thing Your JUNIORS Should Do Right Now

Develop a Plan for a Successful Future

84% of ACT-tested students aspire to enroll in college, but only 64% actually do2. This may relate to the fact that most students report needing help with college planning. Students know what they want to do, they just aren’t sure how to get there.

Many educators agree that an education and career plan is vital to prepare students for success. But when you have a huge workload that may consist of hundreds of students, one-on-one personalized college and career guidance might be an impossibility. 

Hand out this high school timeline to help students focus on the activities they should consider doing over the different “seasons” of high school. Students will be able to plan their high school career so they can be in the best position to maximize their ACT® score, win scholarships, and be accepted into college.

Do You Have a Plan for Life After High School - Pins on Calendar

Suggested Copy:
Little things you could be doing that add up to make a huge difference when applying for college and beyond.

Class of 2020: The One Thing Your SOPHOMORES Should Do Right Now

Think About Their Future Goals

It might be hard to get sophomores to think about what they want to be or where they want to go after high school. With a year under their belt, they may have a tendency to get caught up in the new activities, new kinds of classes, and new challenges that sophomore year throws at them.

But, the sooner students start thinking about what success looks like, the more prepared they’ll be for college and beyond, and the less stress they’ll have to endure later on. In fact, sophomore year should be a “directional” year—a time to start figuring out future dreams and goals.

Encourage your students to think about their future aspirations and if college fits into that picture. Also, encourage them to take PreACT®. With the ability to get a predicted ACT® score, students can identify what subject areas they need to improve on in order to be college ready and explore career interests with the new MyACT platform.


College and Career Readiness Workshops

Your students are more than just a test score. That’s why we believe in supporting the “whole” student, and why the theme of this year’s ACT College and Career Readiness Workshop is “Preparing Students for Success: A Holistic Approach.” Register to watch the workshop online, but hurry! Only a few webinars remain. 

1Information sourced from the National Center for Education Statistics

2Information sourced from the Condition of College & Career Readiness Report 2017