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Demystifying Social-Emotional Learning - Webinar

Social and emotional learning (SEL) skills are the noncognitive skills and characteristics that are essential for a wide range of outcomes in academic and life success. Educational leaders and policymakers are beginning to act on decades of research by implementing SEL assessment as a means to improve student performance.

These social and emotional skills and character traits include:

  • Tenacity/grit
  • Organization/responsibility
  • Teamwork/cooperation
  • Composure/resilience
  • Leadership/communication
  • Curiosity/ingenuity

Accommodations Update

To further streamline the accommodations request process, ACT is linking our Test Accessibility and Accommodations System (TAA) with our student registration system. With this enhancement, the student information and registered test date will automatically appear in TAA, even if it is their first time requesting accommodations. 

When a student registers online, we will continue to direct them to forward their accommodations instructions email to counselors. However, ACT will automatically create a new request in TAA, or update a previously submitted request, when the student indicates aneed for accommodations or English learner supports. Counselors will be notified by ACT via email when action is required.

This change will go into effect at the end of July, and we’ll have more information about what it means for you in the August counselor newsletter. 

eBooks for Your Summer Reading List

Financial Aid: Paying for College and University

This eBook walks through the basics of financial aid, where to find it, how to apply for it, and methods for accurately comparing the costs.

Avoiding the "Senior Slide"

From enrolling in challenging classes to choosing a college, this eBook helps students finish strong during their last year of high school. 

The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Campus Visits

Help students plan, prepare, and complete an effective campus visit with this upcoming eBook. Coming soon!


Webinar: A Deeper Look into STEM Readiness

July 20, 2017

College and Career Readiness Workshops

The theme for this year’s workshop is “Preparing Students for Success: A Holistic Approach.” 

National ACT Test - September 9

Registration Deadline: August 4, 2017

Product Spotlight

Share ACT test prep resources with your students

There are no “tricks” to taking the ACT test. Test questions are based on content your students learn by taking rigorous high school courses. But ACT offers a variety of test prep resources – from free to affordable – to help your students do their best on the test. Even a few points on their ACT Composite Scores can make the difference in obtaining admission to the colleges they desire or receiving scholarship awards.

Summer is the best time for students to focus and prep for their fall test dates and capitalize on what they learned over the past year, without having to worry about the added pressure of coursework and after-school activities. Our test prep resources for students include virtual online instruction, an interactive online program, a guide with paper tests, downloadable booklets and tests, and more. Learn more about ACT Test Prep – and be sure to share ACT test prep resources with your students.