Avoiding the Senior Slide: New eBook

From enrolling in challenging classes to choosing a college, the new ACT eBook, Avoiding the “Senior Slide”, helps students finish strong during their last year of high school.

Support for English Language Learners

Starting in fall 2017, ACT will provide support on the ACT test to US students who are English learners, including:

  • Additional time on the test (not to exceed time-and-a-half)
  • Use of an approved word-to-word bilingual glossary (containing no word definitions)
  • Test instructions provided in the student’s native language (including Spanish and a limited number of other languages initially)
  • Testing in a non-distracting environment (i.e., in a separate room)

Myth: Colleges Prefer One Test Over Another

False. The ACT is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities, including all Ivy League schools. In fact, a recent case study showed that taking the ACT gave 169 students at Morse High School access to $262,000 more in aid per year collectively than taking the SAT alone.

Look for the full case study to be released in the July edition. 


National ACT Test Date

June 10, 2017

ACT College and Career Readiness Workshops

Register today to attend an ACT College and Career Readiness Workshop near you! The theme for this year’s workshop is Preparing Students for Success: A Holistic Approach".

Product Spotlight

ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate®

Because Not All Students Plan on Going to College

The ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC®) provides students entering the workforce with proof that they possess the skills employers deem essential to workplace success. This helps improve employability and career outcomes. The NCRC is based on an individual’s performance on three WorkKeys skills assessments.