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2018-19 Accommodation Change for the ACT Test

ACT is committed to delivering accurate, equitable measures of student achievement. To support this process, we continually review our ACT® test administration policies and procedures. Based on reviews and your valuable input, we are making some changes to our national extended time policy that will go into effect in September, 2018.

Please note, the ACT test in June and July will be administered with the current policy and procedure. Examinees approved for National Extended Time or for Timing Code 6 will have 50 percent extended time for each section of the ACT, with a hard stop after each section.

Examinees will no longer have to self-pace through the four multiple-choice sections over the allotted five hours. All examinees in the test room will begin the same section at the same time and have the same amount of time to complete that section.

Timing for the writing test isn’t changing. If taking writing, examinees will continue to have 60 minutes (50 percent extended time) to respond to the writing prompt after completing the multiple-choice tests.

For more information on this change, read the press release.

Supporting the Whole Student with ACT Data

Vicky Roller, a counselor at Newport High School in Oregon, felt that the standardized test her school was falling short in certain areas when it came to supporting her 11th graders.

Vicky and the Lincoln County School District started to look at other solutions that could satisfy the state assessment requirement while also helping students choose classes, access scholarships, and plan for college. They decided that the best assessment was the ACT.

By offering the ACT free of charge to every 11th grader during the school day, the Newport staff feels they are further supporting equity among all students. Many more doors are opened and many barriers are removed. With a college reportable score, Newport students can use it to apply to colleges and qualify for more scholarships.

The Results Speak for Themselves

The amount of scholarships that Newport High School Class of 2017 earned with school-wide testing increased by $350,096, or 65%, from the previous year’s graduating class!

Class of 2019: The One Thing Your JUNIORS Should Do Right Now

Determine When to Apply for College

Early or regular decision deadlines – which one gives your students a better chance of getting into college? The research may point to early decision deadlines, but as you may know, it depends on the student and the college or university.
To help your students decide which deadlines may be the most beneficial to them, direct them to this resource, which outlines the advantages and disadvantages of all the deadlines while providing advice as to which deadline to consider.


Tell your juniors and their parents about this resource using this email communication and social media message:

Suggested copy:
Check out this information, which helps you research and discover which application deadline best fits your needs.

Class of 2020: The One Thing Your SOPHOMORES Should Do Right Now

Decide What to Do After High School

As sophomore year wraps up, it’s a great time for students to think about whether they’re going to college or directly into a career after graduation. They can explore options and start to plan for that desired outcome so they’re not scrambling to make tough decisions during senior year.

Guide your sophomores here. Students will learn:

  • The 3 reasons why they should consider going to college
  • What other options, besides college, are out there
  • How to improve their employability


Help the class of 2020 decide what life after high school looks like by sharing this email communication and posting this social media image:  

Suggested copy: To help you decide, check out this article:

Class of 2021: The One Thing Your FRESHMEN Should Do Right Now

Prepare for Sophomore Year

Last month we provided our first communication to freshmen, offering a sophomore guide that would help them prepare for the future while also mapping out their sophomore year.

This month we want to continue that theme and further help your freshmen class continue preparing for future success. Lead them to this article which provides information on:

  • How to become an expert on “you” 
  • The importance of community and having a support network
  • What 6 activities will help them discover possible majors and careers


Send this email communication and post this social media image for your first-years, guiding them to this information packed article: 

Suggested copy
Amidst all the sophomore obligations, don’t forget to prioritize and plan for the future. Here’s how:

Product Spotlight - ACT Test Prep

When it comes to test prep, we have a solution for every type of learner.

No matter the preference or financial need, we can help your students become confident and ready for the ACT® test. Check out all the options available and let your June and July test-takers know how they can start preparing.

Start with ACT Academy

ACT® Academy™ is a free online learning tool and test practice program designed to help students get the best score possible on the ACT test while also getting them well on their way to college and career success.

Premium Test Prep Options

Option 1: The Official ACT Prep Guide

This best-selling guide walks students through the entire test experience, from registration to Score Report. It provides them with test-taking strategies and includes three actual ACT tests—with optional writing—to practice at their own pace.

Option 2: ACT Online Prep

For students who like a little more guidance with their prep. After taking a practice ACT test, users receive a personalized learning path and daily goals to help them stay on target. This option also includes a free mobile app for on-the-go preparation.

Option 3: ACT Prep Pack

Combines the bestselling Official ACT Prep Guide with ACT Online Prep. Students get the best of both worlds in this power-packed prep combo that enables them to study for the ACT in the way that suits their learning style or mood.

Option 4: ACT Kaplan Online Prep Live

And for those students who benefit from live instruction, they can expand their experience with this engaging and interactive instruction delivered in real time by expert instructors.

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