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Building Trust: The Power of Communication

Consistent and open communication is one way to build trust with students, parents, and fellow educators. Communication can also help you express the value of measuring a student’s academic readiness in order to prepare them for the future. 

Check out the variety of ready-to-use resources designed by ACT to aid in making communication easier.

Join the thousands of counselors and teachers using these materials and continue to build rapport with your students and parents. 

The Dream of Graduating College Becomes More Accessible to All Students 

Starting in September 2018, students from low-income families who take the ACT with fee waivers will be allowed to send up to 20 free ACT score reports to colleges and/or scholarship agencies at any time during their college search process. 

For students from low-income families, sometimes academic ability isn’t the reason why they’re not being admitted into college. Students might file an application, but not send their test scores, due to a financial restraint. 

We want to remove this barrier so that the dream of graduating college can be accessible for all students.

Class of 2018: The One Thing Your SENIORS Should Do Right Now

Figure Out the Cost for College

There are a lot of aspects students need to consider when determining the actual cost of college – tuition and fees, scholarships, grants, loans, and much more. Each school will have a different way of defining cost, and that’s why some students struggle with finding out how much they’ll actually be paying. 
But with this interactive tool, students will be able to calculate expenses and find the cost for each school they’re applying to. Then, through a simple side-by-side comparison, they can determine which college or university is the most affordable option.  


Send this email communication and use this social media image to direct students to the tool.

Suggested social media copy:
Seniors! Use this tool as you weigh and compare your college options: 

Class of 2019: The One Thing Your JUNIORS Should Do Right Now

Go On Campus Visits

The college decision process can be exciting and stressful at the same time. You want every one of your students to attend a college that is the best fit for him or her emotionally, socially, and academically. 

One way to find that fit is through campus visits.

As spring approaches, juniors should think about scheduling a few campus visits before the college application season is here. To help them do this, show students this resource library, which contains information on:

  • Why visiting colleges is important
  • The 9 activities students should do on a campus visit
  • What to bring to a campus visit
  • How to decide if that visited college is a good fit 


Send this email communication and use this social media image to direct students to the information:

Suggested social media copy:
Juniors! As you go on campus visits, consider doing these 9 activities:  

Class of 2020: The One Thing Your SOPHOMORES Should Do Right Now

Participate in an Extracurricular Activity

Grit. Creativity. Teamwork. Responsibility. Composure.
These social and emotional skills – behavioral skills needed to succeed in college and career – are often not explicitly taught in an academic setting.

This is why participation in extracurricular activities is vital. Research shows a correlation between extracurricular involvement and higher retention rates in high school and college1. Also, interpersonal skills are becoming more and more important in the workforce. 

Your students should be cultivating these skills as soon as they can. Help them understand the importance by directing your sophomores to this resource, which outlines the advantages of participating in an extracurricular activity and how to make it count. 

1Social Engagement and Extracurricular Activities


Use this email template as communication to help your sophomores begin reaching out to those who can help.

Suggested social media copy
Sophomores! Extracurriculars are important. Here’s how to make them count:     

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