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November 2018

Condition report, upcoming webinars, benefits of TIR, helpful student tips, and more!

Upcoming Dates

  • December ACT Late Registration Deadline: November 19
  • College and Career Readiness Webinars: November 13 and November 14
  • School Safety Webinar: Date TBD

This Month

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Condition of College and Career Readiness Report

The Condition Report looks at the progress of the 2018 ACT®-tested graduating class, relative to college and career readiness. Learn how all students and specific student populations are performing compared to: ACT college readiness benchmarks, ACT STEM benchmarks, foundational work readiness skills, core subjects, and core curriculum. 

Register for a College and Career Readiness Webinar

Can’t make it to a College and Career Readiness Workshop? Register for an upcoming College and Career Readiness Webinar! Learn best practices, discover new resources for students and educators, get access to a helpful toolkit for K-12 professionals, and more!

School Characteristics, School Climate, & Student Outcomes: What’s the Connection?

School leaders identify school safety as one of the most pressing challenges they face today. But, how can you measure and address the factors related to school climate and safety and the effect it has on students? Join us for a free webinar to learn how to measure and address student perceptions of school climate with ACT® Tessera.

Benefits of Requesting a Test Information Release (TIR)

Students who take the December ACT can order a Test Information Release (TIR) to get a list of their answers, a copy of the multiple-choice test questions, and the answer key. Don’t let your students miss the opportunity to review their test and learn from mistakes. TIR is only available for students who take the ACT on national test dates in the December, April, and June.

“As a former high school counselor, I was always looking for ways to help students prepare for ACT assessments. I would often encourage my students to take the ACT in December, so they could take advantage of the Test Information Release (TIR) reporting option. From my point of view, TIR is an inexpensive ACT prep activity that students can use to prepare for subsequent ACT tests. Plus, students still receive a reportable ACT score from the ACT assessment.” 
-George Schlott, former high school counselor

Helpful Tips to Share With Your Students


Craft a college résumé that stands out.

Résumés aren’t only used in a job search. Some colleges encourage students to include one with application materials. Use these 4 steps to help your students write an effective application résumé.


Send this email communication and post this social media image for your seniors:

Seniors: Learn how to craft a college resume that stands out.


Learn how to create a college list.

There are more than 4,500 degree-granting colleges and universities in the United States. How should your students sort through all these options? Create a college list.


Send this email communication and post this social media image for your juniors:

Juniors: Need to narrow your options? Learn how to create a college list?


Identify your support network.

Building a support network in high school can better prepare your students for college. Learn which 4 people your students should add to their support network today. 


Send this email communication and post this social media image for your sophomores:

Sophomores: Learn how to identify your support network.