Adaptive Academic Learning:
How it Works

Personalized mastery powered by learning science research and data-driven intelligence.

The Science Behind Mosaic by ACT Adaptive Academic Learning

Read about the learning science that makes Mosaic by ACT a better value than their free counterparts—providing a flexible solution that’s unmatched in depth. 

Innovative Features Designed to Maximize the Learning Impact

Built with focus on user experience, each feature is designed to engage and bring out the best in every student.

Subject Features

English (ELA)
eBooks & Reading
Science (Interims Only)

Mastery Features

Adaptive Placement
Adaptive Practices
Targeted Practices
Instructional Lessons
Interim Assessments
Insights & Data
Knowledge Heatmaps

Engagement Features

Growth Mindset
Coins & Rewards
Student Collaboration
Parent Engagement

Administration Features

Curriculum Design
User Management
License Management
Site-Wide Data and Reports
SSO and Roster Integration
Professional Development

Maximize Your Learning Impact With Our
Hybrid Differentiation Platform

Unlike traditional tools, Mosaic by ACT's powerful hybrid engine delivers data-driven differentiation through automatic adaptivity and targeted teacher-driven intervention.

"This is a great program for independent learning and the students, staff, and parents love the ease and the rigor it provides as it adapts to the learner."

Erin George (Teacher) Washington Middle School

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