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Give your teachers a powerful head-start by engaging our team to custom align digital resources to your district’s curriculum.

Access a dynamic collection of professionally curated, standards-aligned online learning resources through our applications or integrated with your learning system.

About Open Educational Resources

OER – an acronym for “Open Educational Resources” – are openly licensed, free public resources for teaching and learning. Even before the pandemic, a Learning Counsel Digital Transition Survey found that 55 percent of teachers are spending up to 4 hours per week, and 32 percent of teachers are spending 4 – 10 hours per week searching for lessons. In real dollars, schools are spending $116 – $298 per teacher per week on searching and evaluating OER for their lesson plans, which makes them not so free.

OER Metadata Collection Designed for K12 Teaching and Learning

Sort and Sift No More

Mosaic™ by ACT® Digital Learning Library is a Learning Object Repository (LOR) that represents the curation of tens of thousands of resources aligned to national and state academic standards for Math, English Language Arts, and Science, as well as many other key subject areas (Social Studies, World Languages, English Language Learners, Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education, Philosophy and Religion, Career and Technical Education, Current Events, Technology, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Let us help you leverage quality OER for lesson plans and to personalize learning while freeing up educator time devoted to searching for free resources on the internet.

Spend More Time on What Matters Most

Let us do the collection, alignment and quality control.

  • Long-term solution that manages the alignment of learning resources as academic standards change, making lesson plan updates simple 
  • Quality guarantees for all discrete digital resources 
  • Easy onboarding – it’s a searchable library with flexible use 


We employ teachers to harvest and curate only the best K-12 digital curriculum resources using a consistent process and time-tested rubric that ensures quality and usability for teaching and learning.


We have developed a rich set of metadata, applied by teacher curators, to each resource included in the Digital Learning Library. Accepted resources are standards-aligned and tagged so users can quickly find the appropriate resources to meet different learning needs.


Digital curriculum resources are dynamic – a benefit but also a challenge to manage for availability at the point of teaching and learning. We partner proprietary technology with teacher curator review to ensure both availability and appropriateness for the classroom.

Integration Ready

Our Digital Learning Library adheres to IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Resource Search specification. Educational platforms like Canvas, Google Classroom, Schoology or others can search our digital resource repository for access to the resource metadata.

Sourcing the Best Instructional Resources

Access the gold standard of online resources…from thousands of providers you have come to trust, and other powerful sources you may have never experienced!


Digital Curriculum Resources Are Just the Beginning 

The Digital Learning Library is at the foundation of the Mosaic by ACT Comprehensive Learning Solution – featuring an adaptive academic learning platform, robust SEL resources, and learning and professional services for districts and schools.

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