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This learning platform provides personalized, free resources unique to student learning gaps, as well as test prep for the ACT, aligned to the ACT reporting categories.

  • ACT Academy is a collection of videos, games, and interactives from some of the best publishers online. This includes resources from NASA, Crash Course, GeoGebra, PBS, and tens of thousands of others!
  • Common Core and/or state specific aligned resources are curated for quality, grade and subject appropriateness.
  • Scaffolded content presented determined by student performance on diagnostics, tailored to each student's areas of need.
  • Videos are typically followed by a short, formative assessment to gauge student understanding.
  • Search results are returned in order of efficacy—ensuring that you get the best resources first.

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The Best Resources from Top Publishers

Discover resources from the following publishers and tens of thousands more, all in one place and accurately aligned to standards.


ACT Academy FAQs

Q: Will ACT Academy be full of advertisements?
A: No, there will not be advertisements. Students may see logos of partner content, but no advertisements.

Q: Are there any privacy concerns with students using ACT Academy?
A: Students/children are not required to share any personal information. The information that is required from students is a random user name created by the student, teacher or parent. No student information is shared out with third parties and students create a unique login and password to the platform that remains encrypted. Any usage or data being tracked by ACT Academy to measure efficacy is done so by generating a random ID for the student and does not retain any student identities. Students can even opt out of providing their name. No information besides their login credentials, name, and school are ever asked.

Q: What is the recommendation around how much time a student should spend in ACT Academy ACT Prep in order to be ready for the ACT test?
A: The amount of time will vary dependent upon the gaps identified when students take the diagnostic sections or full length test.

Q: How long does it take to do a section of the ACT Test Prep?
A: While results vary and user testing will determine a more detailed response, the students have the option of taking a section or a full length ACT test. There are 4 sections, that will take approximately 40 minutes each to complete and the full length test will take approximately 160 minutes.

Q: Is ACT Academy available in multiple languages?
A: At this point in time, ACT Academy is only available in English. Note: We will investigate the use of inline translation tools in the future.

Q: What are the technology requirements for ACT Academy?
A: Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera
• ACT Academy will automatically adapt to be compatible with most screen resolutions
• Pop-up blocker: Pop-up blocker does not need to be disabled because the majority of videos are embedded in ACT Academy

Q: In the ACT Prep portion does the student need to upload their scores manually or will it automatically upload from the last time they took the ACT whether it is on a national test date or on a school sponsored test date?
A: Students who have previously taken the ACT or PreACT will need to enter their scores. It is best to have their score report handy to fill in their scores manually.

Q: Can teachers track student progress daily? Can they monitor how many questions they answer per day?
A: Yes, they can track progress via the mastery chart or individually. Results are instantly updated so that teachers can use the data to inform instruction in a just in time manner.

Q: How can ACT Academy be used in my K-5 classroom?
A: There are so many resources for grades K-5. Teachers can use ACT Academy in a blended environment- it simplifies blended learning by providing a collection of vetted resources in which students can receive personalized instruction and teachers can use the data to inform instruction. It’s perfect for a blended rotation model or as a supplemental classroom resource.