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Educators continuously look for ways to enhance their teaching strategies and skills. Students and parents need access to qualified instructors in many different subject areas. ACT® Certified Educator™, a new credentialing program, is designed to satisfy each of these needs and, ultimately, help students learn and succeed. Read the announcement

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Event/Location Courses Dates Time Register
Nashville/Brentwood, TN ELA Basics, English, Reading and Writing December 8 - December 13 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (CST) Register for Nashville/Brentwood ELA

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Educator Certification Process

Application and Eligibility

Becoming an ACT Certified Educator is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Candidates submit an application that is subject to ACT review during registration. 
  2. Candidates participate in an on-site training program. 
  3. Candidates successfully complete a post-training assessment related to the specific training program.  

Candidates can earn as many subject area certificates as they desire (i.e., English, reading, writing, math, science). Certification requires successful completion of a qualification assessment for each subject (not required for ACT Certified Educator Basics). Certification in any subject area also requires prior successful completion of the ACE Basics Course.




The ACT Certified Educator Basics, ACT Certified Educator Writing, and ACT Certified Educator Science courses are one day in length, and the other ACT subject-specific courses include two days of training. The scheduling of the training courses includes the time provided to complete the assessments. Subject-specific certifications are only issued to those who have obtained the ACT Certified Educator Basics credential. 


  • ACT Certified Educator Basics - 9 Hours ($299, 1 day)
  • ACT Certified Educator English - 18 Hours ($549, 2 days)*
  • ACT Certified Educator Reading - 18 Hours ($549, 2 days)*
  • ACT Certified Educator Writing - 9 Hours ($299, 1 day)*
  • ACT Certified Educator Math - 18 Hours ($549, 2 days)*
  • ACT Certified Educator Science - 9 Hours ($299, 1 day)*

*To be eligible for certification, applicants are required to complete the ACT Certified Educator Basics course and pass qualification and certification assessments in the corresponding subject area. 

What ACT Certified Educators are Saying About the Program

Ben Yao

Vice Principal, Sino-US Curriculum Programme
Hefei No.1 High School

"ACT test training is beneficial to me because it provides more systematic ways of learning, teaching, and understanding the value and logic of the ACT test. It will help my work and my management in my school to help more students and parents understand the ACT test."

Xiaoqing Li

"It’s really interesting to see the measurement of the test, motivations of the students, and the individualized strategies. It provided me with effective and useful knowledge in understanding more about the ACT test. Now parents can find my name on the ACT website and be assured that I'm a very professional and systematic teacher for the ACT English test."


Juan Du

Academic Development Director

"We learned a lot of additional information that is not fully explained in the Official Prep Guide or the materials that are provided online. The [Basics] is helpful to students, especially regarding their application to college and timelines of when they should sign up for the ACT test."


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