ACT Certified Educator

Retest Policy and Schedule

ACT Certified Educator classes have moved to online for the 2020-21 school year.

Retest Policy & Schedule

  • ACT's policy on retesting for ACT Certified Educator dictates that for every ACT Certified Educator exam that was taken and failed, the participant is entitled to one free retest. Free retests are only available for a period of two months after scores have been issued.
  • Retests are remotely proctored by ACT staff using Zoom. Please work directly with ACT Certified Educator Customer Service or 319.337.1131 to schedule a retest, based on the following schedule:
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4:00 PM English Qualification (45 mins)   Basics Certification (60 mins)  
5:15 PM English Certification (60 mins)    Reading Qualification (35 mins)  
6:00 PM     Reading Certification (60 mins)  
2nd week 4:00 PM   Science Qualification (35 mins)    Math Qualification (60 mins)
5:15 PM   Science Certification (60 mins)    Math Certification (60 mins) 
6:00 PM   Writing Certification (60 mins)    
  All times are shown in Central time.

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