ACT Engage

The Engage assessment identifies critical, yet overlooked attitudes and behaviors, at Grades 6-9, 10-12, and College levels, which contribute to future success.

Are You Satisfied With Your Child's Academic and Behavioral Growth?

ACT Engage® can help. In just 30 minutes, this cost-effective assessment can measure attitudes and behaviors that, if overlooked, can impact your child’s success. You’ll receive a detailed report on their academic discipline, commitment to schoolwork, and other behaviors and attitudes that you can use to help them plan for a successful future. 

Unlock Powerful Insights

Along with an overview of how your student is currently preforming, you will also receive actionable insights to help your student improve. This powerful, affordable assessment can help your student recognize problem areas and realize strengths that, according to decades of ACT research, influence success in school and beyond.


  • Identify your child's personal challenges that go unreported in standardized academic tests
  • Evaluate your child's self-reported social and emotional learning
  • Define your child's level of academic risk
  • Use suggested interventions to help your child improve academic achievement

Why Engage?

Student Motivation (PDF)

Did you know high school GPA is related consistently to motivation?

Social Engagement (PDF)

Did you know students who participate in two or more extracurricular activities during high school have higher college retention rates?

Self-Regulation (PDF)

Did you know that as the measure of self-regulation increases, the number of disciplinary events per semester decreases?

Behaviors (PDF)

Did you know how to identify  skills to succeed in school, at work, and in the "real world"?

Case Studies

See ACT Engage in action

Take a look at the various ways that ACT Engage has impacted the success of students at these institutions of learning.

Envision Experience (PDF)

Envision's Career Navigation System: Preparing Students to Thrive in 21st Century Careers

Region One Education Service Center Gear UP (PDF)

Region One Education Service Center GEAR UP uses ACT Engage to Help Underserved Students

McPherson (Kansas) Unified School District (PDF)

Using Academic Behaviors to Prepare Students for College and Success

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