ACT Class Profile Service

Providing a comprehensive summary of a college's ACT-tested entering freshman class to help analyze trends and improve enrollment planning.

Analyzing Trends to Improve Enrollment Planning

Information you can put into action

The ACT Class Profile Service helps colleges develop strategy and analyze trends at all stages of enrollment planning. The service provides a summary of a college’s ACT-tested entering freshman class and parallel descriptions for students who sent scores, who enrolled, and who sent scores but did not enroll. This can help answer questions about trends in:

  • Popularity of selected academic major 
  • Average ACT scores 
  • Enrollment of ACT-tested students who designated the college as their first choice

The summary also can show how successful the college has been in enrolling minority students.


Using the ACT Class Profile Service

How it works

By providing your local enrollment data or using National Student Clearinghouse enrollments, campuses can use this service report to summarize cognitive and noncognitive variables across three populations of ACT-tested students: those who sent scores, those who enrolled, and those who sent scores but did not enroll.

Each student’s most recent ACT test record is used to inform Class Profile Service reports which organizes summary results into three sections:

  • Section I – Recruitment / Admissions
    (focus on recruitment and admission student characteristics)

  • Section II – Academic / Student Support Services
    (focus on academic plans, aspirations and needs)

  • Section III – ACT Test Score Distributions / Course Sequence

The ACT Class Profile Service can help answer questions such as:

  • What proportion of ACT-tested students who designated our institution as their first choice actually enrolled?
  • How successful have we been in enrolling minority students who send us score results?
  • How does the distribution of planned educational majors for students sending scores differ from those students that we enroll?
  • How do scores across select student characteristics compare?

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