Data-Driven Enrollment Planning

The ACT Enrollment Information Service (EIS) is a comprehensive, easy-to-use market research tool that assists with admission and enrollment planning by pinpointing the high schools and geographic markets with your best prospective students. ACT EIS provides college admissions offices with aggregated data for millions of ACT test takers each year.

Using ACT EIS, you can manage your existing markets by measuring your visibility and yield in the markets where your institution already has a strong reputation. It can also help you identify new markets by directing your recruitment budget and resources toward the high schools and geographic areas with students likely to enroll and succeed at your institution, which maximizes your ROI. With its unique competitor analysis tool, ACT EIS can help you identify top competitors and understand the market spaces they dominate. It also allows you to establish informed enrollment goals based on the stated preferences of the entire pool of ACT-tested students.

ACT EIS gives you the facts you need to have data-driven discussions regarding market realities with your stakeholders and to drive recruiting strategies to meet and exceed your goals.

Manage Existing Markets

Use ACT EIS to develop marketing strategies based on your institution's position within customized market segments. ACT EIS can help answer these questions:

  • What are the characteristics of college-bound students within the market segments where our institution traditionally recruits?
  • What is our institution's market share within specific market segments by educational program, and other student characteristics?
  • Where should we focus our resources in primary and secondary markets to meet enrollment goals?

Identify New Markets

With ACT EIS, you can identify potential new markets and discover:

  • Where are the college-bound students that have the characteristics of our target populations?
  • What is the academic quality and educational major interest for these students?

Analyze Competitors

Need to know more about your competitors? You can use ACT EIS to compare your institution's image with others. You can also compare the relative appeal of educational majors—both within specific student populations and among competing institutions. Answer questions such as:

  • Who are our competitors within specific market segments?
  • How does the collegiate competition for student score reports vary across the programs we offer?
  • Which institutions are receiving score reports from students in our primary market segments?

Set Realistic Enrollment Goals

ACT EIS is a tool for more than the Admissions Office. Use ACT EIS campus-wide to:

  • Inform discussions about market realities with faculty and academic administrators.
  • Provide senior management with decision-making data to drive new enrollment initiatives.

Start targeting your recruiting with ACT EIS