How to Order

Ordering Information

ACT EIS may be purchased by colleges or universities and other entities, such as scholarship agencies, that are eligible to receive ACT score reports. Eligible institutions will have a published ACT Code Number for Colleges and Scholarship Agencies. The ACT EIS license allows unlimited installations on a single campus.

Available Data Sets

The following data sets are available for purchase:

  • ACT EIS Class of 2018 with Yield*—This is the largest and most commonly used data set for enrollment management activities. It contains information on ACT-tested students from the high school class of 2016 and includes yield rates for your institution.
  • ACT EIS Class of 2019—With data for those students who took the ACT assessment prior to their senior year and are now seniors; these data are especially useful for institutions in states where the ACT is administered to all high school juniors 

Also Available

  • ACT EIS Class of 2017 Data with Yield and Retention—Extend the power and range of ACT EIS by adding retention rates to the information about the 2017 graduating class cohort.

*When you order the Class of 2018 with Yield data set before February 2019, the fastest way to receive ACT EIS with yield rates is to submit your freshman class enrollment data to ACT via the ACT Class Profile Service.

After you purchase the ACT EIS Class of 2018 with Yield, ACT will produce an ACT EIS data set for your institution without yield figures and make it immediately available for your use.

In the meantime, you have two choices for receiving yield rates:

  1. Provide to ACT your freshman class enrollment data via the ACT Class Profile Service
  2. Wait until ACT receives enrollment information from the National Student Clearinghouse. At that time, ACT can identify those ACT-tested students who enrolled at your institution.

ACT Values Its State Partnerships

Institutions in states that have contracted with ACT to provide statewide testing for the ACT or PreACT receive a 20% discount on all ACT EIS purchases. The following states qualify: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.


To order, complete and submit the EIS order form