Putting EIS to Work

Using ACT EIS Data

ACT EIS Selection Criteria

Using ACT EIS data sets, you and your enrollment staff create customized queries on demand using the "Student Selection Criteria." The resulting student populations can be segmented by state, district, high school, gender, and a variety of other filters.

With ACT EIS, you get:

  • Custom analyses
  • Convenient access to information for multiple users
  • Printable reports
  • The ability to export vital enrollment data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

ACT EIS Data Sets

ACT EIS provides information about more than four million students who took the ACT® test or ACT Plan®.

The following data sets are available:

  • ACT EIS Class of 2018 with Yield. This is the largest and most commonly used data set for enrollment management activities. It contains information on ACT-tested students from the high school class of 2016 and includes yield rates for your institution.
  • ACT EIS Class of 2019. With data for those students who took the ACT assessment prior to their senior year and are now seniors, this data is especially useful for institutions in states where the ACT is administered to all high school juniors.