Mosaic by ACT

Transforming Classrooms in School and At Home

Exciting news: Scootpad is now Mosaic by ACT!

The same adaptive platform your students love––now part of a comprehensive learning solution with everything students need to continue to grow. And everything teachers need to support them.

What should you expect with this change?

ACT is really excited about this evolution for ScootPad. As with any change, there might be questions that come up, or little bumps in the road.You'll still see language about ScootPad here as we make this transition. But soon, our site and platform will feature the Mosaic by ACT name and logo.Feel free to reach out with comments or feedback. We’re making these changes to serve you, so we want to hear what you think!

Meeting Students Today - Mapping Their Tomorrow

The need for schools to continue to support student learning has never been greater. Leverage ScootPad to do the heavy lifting of delivering continuously personalized enrichment, remediation and mastery to every student.

ScootPad adapts in real-time to meet students exactly where they are with the right level of practice, instruction, assessment and remediation to ensure they master every concept.


ScootPad, powered by ACT, helps students learn, allows teachers to support each student’s learning journey, and provides insights such that schools understand that learning is occurring. Delivers continuously personalized enrichment, remediation and mastery to every student.

One comprehensive online solution for all your learning needs—in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between.

Mosaic by ACT - Adaptive Academic Learning

Powerful resources made by teachers, for teachers. Bolster student growth, fill knowledge gaps, and foster mastery with adaptive learning your students will love.

Mosaic by ACT - Social Emotional Learning

Robust, research-backed SEL that gets results. Curriculum, assessment, and professional development, with online or blended delivery to fit your needs.

Mosaic by ACT - Learning and Professional Services

Sixty years of thought leadership in education, put to work for you. We offer customized services in curriculum, research, professional development, credentialing, and more.