Administer the ACT

Become an ACT Test Center 

Your school can request to be a test center for students taking the ACT. 

As a test center, your school provides: 

  • A staff member to serve as the Test Coordinator
  • A staff member to serve as the Technical Coordinator 
  • Other school staff to serve as room supervisors and proctors 
  • Quiet rooms for testing on ACT test dates 
  • Plenty of space between examinees, for security purposes 
  • Devices to be used for testing
  • A secure testing environment consistent with ACT requirements
  • A secure location to store test materials 

There are currently more than 7,500 ACT test centers in operation around the world, and many of them operate in institutions of higher learning. 

Complete the ACT National Test Center Request form if you would like your institution to become an ACT Test Center (for locations in the United States, US territories, or Puerto Rico).

Complete the ACT International Test Center Request form if you would like your institution to become an ACT Test Center (for locations outside the United States).


Residual Testing for the ACT

An on-campus or "residual" testing program is available to ACT-participating colleges to administer the ACT to students who were unable to test on an ACT National Testing date. ACT Residual Testing is strictly limited only to students who have officially applied, have been admitted, or have enrolled at your institution. Scores from residual testing are reported only to your institution for admission, course placement, and advising purposes.