Preparing for the ACT Online Studies

Thank you for your participation in the upcoming online studies! Below you'll find a number of resources that can help you adequately prepare for test day in both paper and online formats.

Paper Practice Materials

Preparing for the ACT Test

Contains an overview of the ACT® test, scoring guidelines, test taking strategies as well as a full length practice ACT.

Online Examinee Preparation

The ACT Online Practice Test

This full length practice exam is available in online format for you to prepare in advance of test day. Use “Guest Access” to connect to the practice tests.

Answer Keys and Conversion Tables for Online Practice Tests

Scoring the Practice Tests

Instructions to score your practice multiple-choice tests and review your performance.

ACT Tao Navigation Video

Tutorial Video

A fully narrated video providing a walkthrough of the ACT test utilizing the TAO platform. Review the interface and available tools before test day.