National Versus Special Testing:

Which Type of Accommodations or English Learner Supports to Select

National Testing

Select national if you can test at a test center and need an additional accommodation or English learner support. Examples include:

  • 50% time extension
  • Wheelchair accessible room
  • Large type (18 point font) test booklet
  • Assistance in marking responses in the test booklet
  • Seating near the front to lip-read spoken instructions
  • Sign language interpreter to sign spoken instructions (not test items)
  • Use of an approved word-to-word dictionary

Special Testing

Select special if you have documented disabilities requiring accommodations that cannot be provided at a test center. Examples include:

  • More than 50% time extension or testing over multiple days
  • Alternate test formats (braille, audio, or a reader)
  • Use of a scribe or computer for the writing test or extended time on the writing test only

For more information on the accommodations and EL support process, see Accommodations.

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