WorkKeys Job Profiling Training

The WorkKeys® Job Profiling Training program teaches you the process for collecting information and determining the skills and skill levels necessary for job performance.

Qualifications Required

To become an authorized job profiler, an individual must successfully complete an intensive training program conducted by industrial/organizational psychologists. This program consists of six weeks of guided self-study, using materials provided by ACT, and a 3.5-day training workshop. Individuals who participate in the training program must have qualifying knowledge and/or experience and submit an application.

Qualifications include the following:

  • Individuals should have two to three years of experience with job analysis and other human resource issues (such as selection and training). Individuals with less experience and an advanced degree, such as a master’s degree or doctorate in human resources, industrial/organizational psychology, labor relations, management, or a related area, will be considered in some cases.
  • Because job profiling requires working with individuals of diverse backgrounds and expertise and eliciting accurate information from them about their jobs, applicants are expected to have successful experience working as group facilitators.
  • All applicants must provide their own laptop computer and portable printer; they should have sufficient computer keyboarding skills to edit material as they facilitate group discussions.

Register for Job Profiling Training

To apply for WorkKeys Profiling Training, email your completed application to ACT at If questions, please call 319.337.1724

Once your application is approved, please submit the following to ACT (must be received before the registration deadline):

*ACT must receive properly completed and signed agreements. For assistance, please refer to Instructions for Completing Job Profiling Agreements (PDF).

These materials must be on file at ACT by the application deadline for the training session you wish to attend. For dates, locations, and application deadlines, see the table below:

The list below reflects currently scheduled workshops and will be updated periodically as new sessions are added throughout the year. Please submit your application as soon as possible. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, ACT will need to receive your signed agreement documents and payment (or PO) by the registration deadline. If the sessions shown do not fit with your schedule, please submit your application and we will contact you as more sessions are scheduled. Occasionally, we are able to place individuals into private sessions if a client does not use all of the available seats.


Date of Workshop

Registration Deadline*


Distance Learning Begins

Webcast Dates**

(All webcasts are 1:00-3:00 pm Central Time) 

April 28-May 1, 2020

February 28, 2020

Iowa City, Iowa

March 16, 2020

March 26, 2020
April 9, 2020
April 23, 2020

*ACT must receive the signed Job Profiling Agreement, the signed SkillPro License Agreement, and payment by check or PO by the registration deadline.

**Participation in all three scheduled webcast dates/times is mandatory.

The on-site training is 3 ½ days and the distance learning is 6 weeks.

When considering applications, we look for experience with job analysis, facilitation skills, familiarity with federal regulations related to employment procedures, familiarity with Windows®-based software, and experience with developing and implementing training programs for business and industry.

If you have questions, please call 319.337.1724. Applications may be faxed to 319.337.1725.

Computer Resource Requirements

Trainees must have a laptop computer and portable printer that meet the specifications (PDF) for running SkillPro software. You will need the computer to complete the distance learning assignments, to complete the 3.5-day onsite workshop, and to conduct job profiling.

Refresher Training for ACT Job Profilers

Four-hour refresher sessions are available for ACT-authorized job profilers who wish to update their understanding of job profiling. Please contact the Job Profiling Training Staff at to request a session.

The online distance learning portion of refresher consists of 8 activities.

The webcast portion of Refresher is delivered via the Internet and conference call from noon to 4:00 (Central Time).

Download a copy of the Notification of Intent to Renew SkillPro License Form (PDF). This form may be used for any of the following:

  • To notify us that you have met or will meet the license renewal requirements
  • To cancel your license

Send your completed form to:

or to:

ACT WorkKeys (16)
500 ACT Drive
P.O. Box 168
Iowa City, IA 52243
Fax: 319.337.1725
Attn: Job Profiling Training Staff