ACT WorkKeys® Profiling Training

When your organization is tasked with helping businesses and career seekers to succeed, it’s crucial to become an expert and a resource on the local jobs and the skills needed to perform them.  Using our approach, you receive input directly from subject matter experts to ensure a customized analysis which links to and validates the optimal WorkKeys assessments to use for hiring, advancement, and training decisions. 

The WorkKeys profiling method brings the specifics of a job, a curriculum, or an occupation into focus and your clients (such as employers, educational institutions, workforce development agencies) are able to use this information for a number of purposes including, but not limited to, the development of employee selection procedures and the identification of entry requirements into technical or other training programs. 

WorkKeys Profiling also supports ACT’s Work Ready Communities efforts and can be used as a method to achieve WRC maintaining goals.

Qualifications Required

To become an ACT-authorized Profiler, an individual successfully completes our training program conducted by industrial/organizational psychologists. This guided training program consists of online self-study activities, including live group webcasts, and culminates with an in person workshop to practice your skills.  

To ensure success, interested individuals should have experience with the following:

  • analyzing the requirements of jobs, training programs, or occupations
  • the development and implementation of training programs for business and industry
  • acting as a group facilitator
  • federal regulations related to employment procedures

Apply for Profile Training

Wondering if you have what it takes to be a successful ACT-authorized Profiler?  Email your completed application to for review.  Applications are reviewed at any time with no cost or commitment.

The application contains further details about training.  Contact us at or 319.337.1724 if you would like to speak with a trainer about your qualifications before you apply.

You will submit the following documentation to register for a workshop and receive training materials to start the online distance learning:

  • A completed ACT WorkKeys Job Profiling Agreement (PDF) signed by the entity paying for the training. 
  • A completed ACT SkillPro License Agreement (PDF) signed by the entity paying for the annual SkillPro license fee.
  • Payment or PO for the $2100 training fee. (The annual SkillPro license fee of $1600 will be invoiced upon successful completion of the training.)

Depending upon the local market, profilers can usually cover the one-time training fee and the annual software license fee by conducting one to two profiles annually!

For a limited time, the fee to participate in the WorkKeys Profiling training program is discounted – at 50% off the regular price for qualified applications.  Contact ACT at 319-337-1724 to determine if you are eligible for the discounted fee. 

Any questions? Please email or call us at 319-337-1724.


Available Workshops

 Virtual Session**
May 16-27, 2022

Registration Deadline
(Agreement and Payment Due Date)

March 25, 2022
5 Weeks of Scheduled Online 
Learning Begins*
April 11, 2022
Live Webcast Schedule 
(normally 1:00-3:00pm CT)
Webcast 1:April 11, 2022
Webcast 2:April 21, 2022
Webcast 3:April 28, 2022
 Webcast 4:May 5, 2022
 Webcast 5:May 12, 2022
Attend Simulation WorkshopMay 16-27, 2022


**The Virtual Simulation Workshop consists of a series of 2-hour webcasts scheduled over a 2-week period.

We will also come to YOU when pandemic conditions allow!

Did you know that you can save money on travel expenses by having the in-person workshop in your area?  If at least 8 people in an area want to be trained as WorkKeys Profilers, ACT trainers will come to you, at no additional cost, for the in-person component of the Profiling Training.  Email or call us at 319-337-1724.