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Your Path Is Our Purpose

Start this year on the right foot. Fuel your future with the ACT.

College admissions are competitive, discover why millions of students rely on the ACT to help them stand out.

A comprehensive application package that includes ACT scores, strong essays, and GPA helps colleges get a full picture of their applicants. The ACT is a metric colleges trust to guide admissions, enrollment, and scholarship decisions.

Students who meet ACT benchmarks are more likely to graduate.

The ACT helps advisors place students in classes at the right level, right from the start.

The ACT takes less time than the other test.

Format and familiarity matter, and the SAT has longer sections than the ACT. An ACT practice test can help students discover if shorter, streamlined test sections work best for their style and goals. 

Don’t limit your options, discover the ACT advantage. 

An ACT score report shows students where they’re strong, areas they can improve, and how likely they are to meet the academic expectations at their dream school. When college applications include the ACT, they include a fuller picture of student success.   

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Benefits of Taking the ACT

Increase your 
scholarship potential.

Students with an ACT test score qualify for more merit-based scholarships. More scholarship money means less college debt. 

Stand out on your college applications.

Your college application is like a puzzle—with each piece of information, you are providing colleges with a more complete picture of who you are. Give admissions officers all the information they need, including an ACT score, to get the outcome you want.

Plan for your future.

The ACT includes an education and career planning section to help you explore how your interests align with your college and career goals.