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The goal of the Alaska ACT Council to develop and facilitate strategies aimed at improving the educational outcomes of Alaska students and aligning educational policies and practices with community and workforce needs.

The Council supports the Alaska Postsecondary Access and Completion Network (Alaska CAN!) goal of achieving “65 by 2025.” This initiative refers to the need to increase the percentage of working-age Alaskans who hold postsecondary credentials – from apprenticeship or certificate completion to advanced degrees – to 65% by the year 2025.

The Council recently developed a "fee waiver cheat sheet" for educators and school counselors. This document contains key reminders and handy links to more information to help students who qualify with a fee waiver.

Learn more about the Alaska ACT Council and free ACT resources by downloading the Council interest page.


The Colorado ACT Council fosters partnerships with secondary schools, postsecondary institutions, community  organizations, and employers to identify an awareness of policies, research, and best practices related to academic and workforce readiness/success factors. These factors include skills, career paths, and credentials for students in Colorado.

Learn more about the Colorado ACT Council and free ACT resources by downloading the Council interest page.


The goal of the Idaho ACT Council is to create a positive impact and difference in people’s lives. The Council strives to continually strengthen the Idaho ACT State Organization with ACT’s wealth of data and robust asset library. The Council strives to assist and influence educational policy and procedure, best practices, current issues, and workplace strategies. The Council works together with state and local partners to prepare all students for college and career success.

During the 2018-2019 school year, the Council hosted a webinar on the Condition of Idaho College and Career Readiness for the graduating class of 2018. In the spring the Council hosted a Community Symposium on the topic of "Navigation".

Learn more about the Idaho ACT Council and free ACT resources by downloading the Council interest page.


Join us "Partnering for Progress", the Kansas and Missouri ACT Conference!

  • Registration and read the speaker line-up here
  • Theme: Partnering for Progress 
  • Date: Friday, September 13, 2019
  • Location: The Westin Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri 


The critical role of the Montana ACT Council is to help Montana better utilize the resources ACT provides to improve educational and workplace outcomes across our state, through leadership and communication with diverse groups and entities. Montana has the opportunity to assess student and district success in achieving college readiness standards through statewide ACT testing for public high school juniors provided by the Office of Public Instruction and Montana GEAR UP. Educational policies, student needs, and workforce demands are ever changing and require timely, informed, and data-based strategies. Since postsecondary education is more important than ever to college, career, and workplace success, strategic use of ACT data is essential.

The Montana ACT Council recommends Core or More.

Learn more about the Montana ACT Council and free ACT resources by downloading the Council interest page.

Use this college and career readiness toolkit or watch the webinar to help your students prepare for the ACT and learn about new pathways. This toolkit is brought to you by the Montana Council.  

Check out this infographic to see how Montana high school students who followed these course patterns scored in the following average ACT scores in 2016.


The Nevada ACT Council extends the ACT mission of “helping people achieve education and workplace success” to the state of Nevada.

The Nevada ACT Council developed a Nevada ACT Toolkit to provide educators with valuable resources and templates to 1) articulate the value of the ACT to all students, and 2) help students do their best. The Nevada ACT Council recommends disseminating these resources to your principals to distribute within their schools. Each template can be customized to fit the needs of the specific school.


The Oregon ACT Council facilitates the goals of ACT State Organizations by creating an awareness utilizing ACT’s holistic approach to education and workforce readiness from kindergarten to career.

The Council works to improve student access and growth.  These efforts include providing equitable access to postsecondary education and career opportunities. Council work supports academic growth using research-based assessment practices and by using a data-based process to make decisions. The Council recognizes that educational equity provides the underpinning of the growth development of the Oregon economy.

Learn more about the Oregon ACT Council and free ACT resources by downloading the Council interest page.


The Utah ACT Council, comprised of volunteers representing the K – career continuum, works with ACT to spread pertinent information and partner on statewide initiatives. The Council advocates for education and workplace readiness through use of ACT data and research, ACT resources, and facilitating conversation and ultimately action. 

Learn more about the Utah ACT Council and free ACT resources by downloading the Council interest page.


The goal of the Washington ACT Council is to create a network of partners and members focused on promoting access for equitable education and workplace success.

Learn more about the Washington ACT Council and free ACT resources by downloading the Council interest page.

The Council is presently working to increase equity and access for economically disadvantaged students. Please utilize and share the resources below, including information on the ACT fee waiver program. Eligible students have up to two opportunities to take the ACT for at no cost in addition to free test prep.


The goal of the Wyoming ACT Council is to create a positive impact on individuals and communities by connecting data and resources to develop, implement, and increase awareness of academic and career development. The Wyoming ACT Council is uniquely positioned to promote partnerships between ACT, state agencies, local employers, and educational institutions to benefit Wyoming communities. The Council uses ACT data and resources to encourage education and career navigation for Wyoming students. 

Learn more about the Wyoming ACT Council and free ACT resources by downloading the Council interest page.

The Wyomimg ACT Council recently hosted a webinar series highlighting resources for education professionals and one webinar catered to workforce professionals. You may view the recording and PowerPoints here.