8 Reasons to Choose the ACT Test

You get more options with ACT®

Beginning in September 2020, you can get faster results with online testing and participate in superscoring.

You can improve your scholarship potential

A school counselor found, after 10 years of students taking both the ACT and SAT®, that more scholarships favored the ACT.

You've already been studying for the ACT for years

The test is designed so by the end of your junior year, you've likely covered all the material that you will see on the test.

You know which questions count

On the SAT, you might spend time on a question without knowing it doesn't count toward your score. This is not the case on the ACT.

You can win a scholarship from ACT

Enter for your chance to win a $15,000 scholarship plus tech package while registering for the ACT test.

You can use your calculator for the whole math test—we don't mind

ACT lets you use your calculator for the entire math section! That is not true on the SAT.

You can prep for the ACT test for FREE

ACT® Academy™ is the go-to place to get the most comprehensive, FREE personalized practice for the ACT.

You are more than a score

The ACT includes an education and career planning section to help you plan for life after high school.