How to Avoid the Summer Slump

Balance will be the key to a happy, productive summer break.

Without a set schedule, a leisurely summer morning can easily drift into a lazy day. Think about what you want to be able to say in the fall when your classmates ask you, “What did you do last summer?”  Use these tips to balance your days so you can make the most out of your break.  

Need Some EXTRA Motivation? 
Play ACT Bingo!

Challenge yourself (or a friend) to a game of ACT Bingo! Win the game by completing fun tasks that will help you prepare for your future. Bingo squares include ideas that will spark productivity and help you brainstorm ways to plan ahead.  

Set your alarm. Are you somebody who thinks “summer” and “sleep” are practically synonyms? Then this tip is for you. Catching some extra Z’s over summer break is okay, but snoozing too long is a surefire way to slide into the summer slump. Set an alarm so you don’t sleep summer away.    

Set goals. Start by figuring out what you want to accomplish over the summer. Do you want to get ahead on applications? Get a job to save money for college? Find a way to volunteer? Whatever your goals may be, break down the steps you need to take in order to achieve your personal priorities. Remember, the best way to dodge boredom is by staying busy.  

Write a to-do list every day. Protect yourself against the summer slump by establishing a routine. Try writing down your daily to-dos. Factor in things you already have on the calendar, like going to work or hanging out with a friend. Then, add in some small tasks that will help you accomplish your big goals for the summer. For example, if you want to read five new books over the summer, jot down “read at least one chapter today” on your list.  

Stay active. Ride your bike, go for a swim, run a 5k, enjoy a hike, play catch with a friend, walk your dog… whatever it is that gets you moving, do it! Getting fresh air and exercise will help keep your mind clear and find balance in your day.