Expand Your Social Skills

Becoming a Well-Rounded Person

Building these skills is an important step in becoming a well-rounded person.

High school is a great time in your life to identify your character strengths and enhance your social and emotional skills. Social and emotional skills are often referred to as “soft skills.” They are the attitudes and behaviors that help people manage emotions and achieve goals.


Did you know high school GPA is related consistently to motivation?


Did you know that as the measure of self-regulation increases, the number of disciplinary events per semester decreases?

Social Engagement

Did you know students who participate in two or more extracurricular activities during high school have higher college retention rates?

The combination of self-regulation + social engagement + motivation =
increased learning and success.

These traits and habits are just as important in making sure you stay focused on tasks, interact positively with other students and teachers, and help you persevere when things get stressful.

You can check your skill strength using ACT® Engage®, which works like a survey to check if you’re on the right track towards building the positive attitudes and skills you need to succeed. It only takes 30 minutes and the results will give you helpful tips to improve your skills and increase your academic success.