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Jasen Jones, Ready for Work Podcast

Host Jasen Jones

Premier Episode: Introducing Ready for Work

April 17, 2019

Katie Hall - Ready for Work Podcast

Guest Katie Hall

Credentialing and Competency as Currency 

May 10, 2019

Guest Lynette Livingston

Credit for Learning Assessment and Curriculum Profiling

May 30, 2019

Ed Morrison, Ready for Work Podcast

Guest Ed Morrison

Getting Strategic About Doing 

June 12, 2019

Neil Reddy, Ready for Work Podcast

Guest Neil Reddy

Manufacturing Career Pathways

June 27, 2019

Joe Sarubbi - Ready for Work Podcast

Guest Joe Sarubbi

Creating an Industry Career Map

July 11, 2019

Guest Tina Manus

Empowered Rentry from Corrections

July 25, 2019

Sherrell Dorsey, Ready for Work Podcast

Guest Sherrell Dorsey

Intentional Diversity and Inclusion

August 8, 2019

Guest Dr. Jeff McCord

Convergence of Education & Workforce

August 22, 2019

ACT Work Ready Communities Practitioners

Guest Work Ready Team

Journey to Regional Prosperity

September 12, 2019