ACT Ready for Work

Podcast Episode 25:
Rebooting Economic and Workforce Development for 2021
with Guest Chad Chancellor

The year 2020, although officially part of history now, presented significant market disruptions with lasting impact. What does it mean for workforce and economic development leaders who are grappling with the shifts continuing into 2021? Episode 25 of Ready for Work welcomes Chad Chancellor to the mic to discuss what trends to expect for economic and workforce development in 2021.

Chad, co-founder and CEO of Next Move Group, shares insights and predictions that he’s already seeing take shape in his part of the country. The population is shifting where they live and therefore where their dollars are spent. If he’s right, now is a huge window of opportunity for rural and small- to mid-sized markets. Listen to the episode for recommendations to leaders looking to attract site selectors and executives to their region.

In case you missed it, ACT pulled together the workforce industry’s best ideas for leading a skills-based economic recovery into one easy-to-use toolkit. Get the free toolkit here. Looking for success stories for disaster recovery and crisis management? We have those, too.  

“This is rural America’s greatest chance ever to do economic development. Those that have prepared sites and prepared workforces are going to have great success.”

– Chad Chancellor
Co-Founder/CEO of Next Move Group

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Chad Chancellor 

About Chad Chancellor 

While growing up in a small town in 1991, Chad Chancellor had an experience that would chart the direction of his career. A Fortune 100 company laid off his father to move a manufacturing plant overseas. From that day on, Chancellor made it his life’s mission to help create economic growth for small and mid-sized companies and communities of site location work and economic development consulting. His most recent successes include: Image Industries’ location of a 50-job manufacturing facility in Clarksdale, Mississippi; Sterling Packaging’s location of a 55-job manufacturing plant in Monroeville, Alabama; Hydro-Gear’s 40-job expansion of a manufacturing plant in Princeton, Kentucky; Polymer Logistics location of a 110-job distribution center in Dublin, Georgia; and a 40-job distribution center in Portage, Indiana.  

Chancellor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Next Move Group, LLC. He is responsible for the implementing the company’s long-term mission of creating economic growth for small and mid-sized companies and communities. Chancellor oversees the company’s quality control processes and provides technical expertise for all the services we offer. Chancellor has served on the boards of directors for the 17-state Southern Economic Development Council and the American-Canadian Chamber of Commerce. In 2010, the 17-state Southern Economic Development Council honored Chancellor with its prestigious “Service to the Profession” award. Chancellor is a graduate of Mississippi State University and an alumni of Delgado Community College in New Orleans. 

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