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Podcast Episode 29: Nine Elements to Improve Apprenticeship Quality and Completion on the ACT Ready for Work Podcast

With increased investment in apprenticeship comes increased expectations. ACT joined forces with local apprenticeships successful in skills-based hiring and national thought leaders on what’s needed to boost quality and completions in apprenticeship. Coming out of this collaboration is a new toolkit from ACT. We packed the toolkit with resources and scalable options of good, better, and best to provide apprenticeship coordinators flexibility in how to organize their efforts. The toolkit is organized into nine elements to boost quality and apprenticeship, across the domains of learning, working, and thriving.

"We’re committed to making sure that everyone has access to a registered apprenticeship, especially in under-served communities. We know that participation is vital to building a successful, competitive, and diverse workforce."

- U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh

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