External Content and Fairness Reviewers for English Language Arts

ACT is currently looking for consultants who can provide content and fairness reviews of assessment materials in Reading and English. Reading consultants review materials that test reading comprehension skills while English consultants review materials that assess grammar, usage, and writing development. All consultant work is compensated.

Below is a list of further requirements for becoming a consultant:

  • Candidates presently teaching are preferred. Teaching experience should focus on writing, composition, literature, or a similar subject in the targeted grade level for the test materials (Grade 10 through 1st and 2nd-year college).
  • Comfortable learning new online systems for reviewing
  • Easy to contact by email
  • Must not be reviewing or developing work for other testing companies or products
  • Must not be currently involved in test preparation

For fairness reviewers, we look for people who have a personal and professional background in issues of fairness and bias. ACT carefully considers the person’s teaching experience (whether in rural/urban areas, under-resourced/affluent schools, diverse communities, etc). We also consider the person’s focus for their field of study, looking at whether the person specifically studies issues of race, composition, literature, etc., but the other constraints listed above still hold.

How to Apply:

Please download and complete the Consultant Questionnaire. Send the completed questionnaire and a resume via email to unittracking@act.org. Applicants will be considered for both the Content and Fairness Review opportunities.