Appliance Servicer (Home)


Work Tasks

APPLIANCE SERVICERS (HOME) keep home appliances working and help prevent breakdowns. Repairers specialize in major appliances, like refrigerators, or small appliances, such as microwaves. Appliance servicers inspect appliances to determine why they fail to operate properly. After identifying problems, they replace or repair defective parts. Repairers also answer customers' questions about the care and use of appliances. Repairers write up estimates of the cost of repairs for customers, keep records of parts used and hours worked, prepare bills, and collect payments.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers generally require a high school diploma for HOME APPLIANCE SERVICER jobs. Employers prefer to hire people with formal training in appliance repair and electronics. Many appliance servicers complete 1- or 2-year training programs in appliance repair and related subjects in high schools, private vocational schools, and community colleges. While there has not been standardized certification, growing numbers of employers now encourage repairers to become certified by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, or by The Professional Service Association (PSA).