Antiques/Art Dealer


Work Tasks

ANTIQUES/ART DEALERS buy, appraise, restore, and sell old items such as furniture, art, jewelry, glass and chinaware, and many other collectibles. Dealers identify objects and price them accordingly. They may specialize in a certain area or period of antiques. Antiques and art dealers provide information to clients about the age, artist, and condition of the object they are selling. In addition, antiques and art dealers report to law enforcement officials any information they receive about antiquities believed to be stolen or offered for sale by unauthorized persons.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

There are no specific educational requirements for ANTIQUES/ART DEALERS who own their own shops, but courses in antiques, art, history, art history, small business management, restoration, and jewelry-making are helpful. Dealers keep up with information about antiques and arts by reading and attending antique fairs and auctions. They usually are required to have a license in order to run their own business. Antiques and art dealers should have knowledge of past trends and styles in art, design, and manufacturing as well as the present buying trends and prices in antiques. They should also know how to clean, restore, and care for antiques.