Automotive Engineer


Work Tasks

AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS design motor vehicles, machinery to build the vehicles, factories in which they are made, and systems that ensure the quality of the product. Engineers evaluate the design's overall effectiveness, cost, and reliability. They work to improve the mechanical operation, design, and safety of cars, trucks, mobile equipment, airplanes, and spacecraft. Engineers use computers to produce and analyze designs; to simulate and test how a vehicle, structure, or system operates; and to generate specifications for parts. They help create 3-dimensional models and full-scale 2-dimensional drawings of new models.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

A bachelor's degree in engineering from an accredited engineering program is required for beginning AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING positions. Graduate training is essential for engineering faculty positions but is not required for most entry level engineering jobs. Many engineers obtain a master's degree to learn new technology, to broaden their education, and to enhance promotion opportunities. Registration by the (ABET) Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology may be required for some positions.