Vending Machine Mechanic


Work Tasks

VENDING MACHINE MECHANICS install, repair, service, and stock vending machines and keep them in good working order. They visit vending machines regularly, collect money from the machines, restock merchandise, and change labels to indicate new selections. Mechanics also keep the machines clean, and must comply with state and local public health and sanitation standards. They make sure machines mix beverages correctly. Mechanics also work with video game machines, pinball machines, jukeboxes, and other similar types of amusement and entertainment equipment.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most VENDING MACHINE MECHANICS are trained on the job. New workers learn how to fill and fix machines by observing, working with, and receiving instruction from experienced mechanics. High school or vocational courses in electricity, refrigeration, and machine repair are an advantage in qualifying for entry jobs. Applicants need to demonstrate mechanical ability and some training in electronics. Some vocational high schools and junior colleges offer 1- to 2-year training programs in basic electronics. A commercial driver's license and a good driving record are essential for most vending machine mechanic jobs.