Work Tasks

BREWERS make beers, ales, and lagers. They supervise and coordinate the activities of workers in a brew-house. This involves a series of steps starting with the choosing of grains and ending with fermentation and aging of the brew. Brewers add hops, which impart on the brew a special taste and aroma. The amount of time beer is aged depends upon the type of beer being produced. Lagers may be aged for months to give them a smooth mellow flavor. Ales may require only two weeks to age. The beer is then filtered and put into bottles or cans, or served from the serving tanks.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire BREWERS who have a college degree in brewing science or related field of study, and who have been trained in the science and engineering of running a brewery operation. Some brewers learn their skills through apprenticeship programs and others through programs at vocational technical schools and community colleges. Brewpubs and microbreweries must be licensed to sell beer. Check your state for details about licensing.