Dietetic Technician


Work Tasks

DIETETIC TECHNICIANS work in a variety of settings such as for hospitals, public health nutrition programs, school lunch programs, food companies, health clubs, and long-term care facilities. They provide patient education and counseling to individuals or groups. Dietetic technicians may help develop menus and recipes or administer community health programs, weight management clinics, and community wellness centers that help to educate clients about the connection between food, fitness, and health.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Registered DIETETIC TECHNICIANS (DTR) are trained in food and nutrition and are an integral part of health care and food service management teams. Dietetic technicians must complete a two-year associates degree at a regionally accredited college or university and a dietetic technician program approved by the Commission on Accreditation/Approval for Dietetics Education (CAADE) of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). They must also pass a national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.