Work Tasks

DISPATCHERS schedule and dispatch workers, equipment, or service vehicles. They keep logs of all calls. Emergency dispatchers send out emergency units in answer to calls for help. Truck dispatchers plan routes and pickup and delivery timetables for freight hauled between cities. Bus dispatchers make sure buses stay on time. Taxicab dispatchers send out taxis to people who have called for service. Tow truck dispatchers take calls for emergency road service. Service dispatchers schedule workers to do repairs, deliveries, and other tasks. They also keep the customer informed. Dispatchers may send out service crews to repair phone lines or gas mains.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire DISPATCHERS who have graduated from high school. Beginners learn their skills on the job from experienced dispatchers. Emergency medical dispatchers often receive special training. State or local government civil service regulations usually govern police, fire, emergency medical, and ambulance dispatching jobs, and candidates may have to pass written, oral, and performance tests. Some states require that public safety dispatchers have a certificate to work on a state network such as the Police Information Network.