Merchandise Displayer


Work Tasks

MERCHANDISE DISPLAYERS plan, and erect commercial displays, such as those in windows and interiors of retail stores or at trade exhibitions. Those who work on building exteriors erect major store decorations, including building and window displays. Those who design store interiors outfit store departments, arrange table displays, and dress mannequins. Merchandise displayers organize, design, and install displays of clothing, furniture, and other merchandise in windows, showcases, and on floors of all kinds of stores. In small stores or shops, one merchandise displayer may perform all of the tasks.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Although MERCHANDISE DISPLAYERS have no formal educational requirements for entry-level positions, most employers prefer to hire persons with some art training. Training may be obtained from colleges and technical schools. A portfolio, a collection of examples of a person's best work, is an asset. Despite the advancement of computer-aided design, sketching ability remains an important advantage in most types of design. No special licensing or certification is required for merchandise displayers.