Employment Interviewer


Work Tasks

EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEWERS help job seekers find employment and help employers find qualified employees. They act as brokers, and put together the best combination of applicant and job. To do this, they get information from employers as well as job seekers. They contact employers to find out their personnel needs. They ask job seekers to fill out forms or present resumes of their education, experience, etc. They interview or test job seekers and check their background, references, and credentials. They then determine the best possible match of position and applicant. They keep information on file to refer to when filling job orders.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Although most agencies prefer to hire college graduates for EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEWER jobs, a degree is not always needed. In some positions, sales ability is more important. Interviewers that place professionals such as lawyers, physicians, accountants, engineers, or managers, generally have some training or experience in that field, and may need bachelor's, master's, or even a doctoral degree. A high school diploma may be sufficient for placing clerks and laborers.