Farm Equipment Mechanic


Work Tasks

Farm equipment dealers employ FARM EQUIPMENT MECHANICS to service, maintain, and repair farm equipment as well as smaller lawn and garden tractors. Modern equipment uses more electronics and hydraulics making it difficult to perform repairs without some specialized training. Farm equipment mechanics check engine performance and repair or replace defective parts. Mechanics generally specialize in certain types of work, such as diesel engine overhaul or hydraulic maintenance. Mechanics also perform preventive maintenance on older equipment.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Technical training is important for FARM EQUIPMENT MECHANICS. Employers prefer to hire trainees who have completed a 1- to 2-year post-secondary training program in agricultural or farm mechanics at a vocational school or community college. The study of diesel or gasoline mechanics also gives a strong background. Mechanics also need knowledge of electronics, hydraulics, computers, and must be able to read circuit diagrams and blueprints in order to make complex repairs to electrical systems. No special licensing or certification is required for farm equipment mechanics.