Fish And Game Warden


Work Tasks

FISH AND GAME WARDENS enforce the laws designed to protect and conserve fish and wildlife. They patrol assigned areas to protect fish, birds, and animals from illegal hunting and other unauthorized use and to monitor their habitats. They observe persons who are fishing or hunting and investigate reports of violations of gaming laws or accidents. They issue warnings and citations for minor violations. They may seize the equipment used in the violation of laws and may seize and dispose of fish and game that have been taken illegally. They make arrests for major violations and present evidence in court.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Most agencies require FISH AND GAME WARDENS to pass a civil service examination and meet the requirements on the application. The minimum requirement in most agencies is a degree in Wildlife/Fisheries Management, Natural Resource Management, or Law Enforcement. Many states require extensive law enforcement training and firearm proficiency, often after hiring but before assignment to an area. Some states require certification in law enforcement training.