Work Tasks

GLAZIERS select, cut, fit, install, replace, and remove all types of glass. Residential glaziers replace glass in home windows; install glass mirrors, shower doors, and bathtub enclosures. On commercial interior projects, glaziers install items such as heavy, etched, decorative room dividers or security windows. Glazing projects may also involve replacement of storefront windows in supermarkets, auto dealerships, or banks; and replacement or repair of broken or pitted windshields and window glass on automobiles. An increasing number of glaziers use computers in the shop or at the job site to improve their layout work and reduce the amount of glass that is wasted.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

GLAZIERS learn the trade informally on the job, or through a formal apprenticeship program that lasts three to four years. The National Glass Association or local contractors' associations administer these programs. Applicants who are high school or vocational school graduates are preferred. Courses for glaziers include blueprint reading, general mathematics, mechanical drawing, general construction, and shop. The National Glass Association (NGA) offers a series of written examinations that certify an individualís competency.