Hazardous Materials Technician


Work Tasks

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TECHNICIANS conduct studies on hazardous waste management projects, including nuclear materials. They provide technical assistance in case of a hazardous chemical spill, helping to identify the pollutant, determine its impact, and recommend corrective action. They must have specialized capabilities in the areas of radioactive materials, pesticides, toxic and heavy metals, explosives, flammable and toxic gases, water reactive materials (sludges and pastes), and corrosive materials. Technicians take soil and debris samples at contaminated sites and analyze, identify, inventory, package, label, and ship hazardous waste.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Employers prefer to hire HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TECHNICIANS with a two-year degree, certificate, or equivalent experience in environmental hazardous material technology or environmental technology. A technical degree, particularly in chemistry, is emphasized. Environmental science, social ecology, geology, and liberal arts majors are also considered helpful. Some states require hazardous waste technicians to be licensed.