Housekeeper (Hotel)


Work Tasks

HOTEL HOUSEKEEPERS keep hotels and motels clean. They keep guest rooms, meeting and banquet rooms, and public areas clean, orderly, and well-maintained. Hotel housekeepers make sure that guests have clean sheets and towels. Housekeepers keep bathrooms stocked with soap, tissues, and other items. Housekeepers empty waste paper baskets. They make beds, vacuum rooms and halls, and dust furniture. Housekeepers clean bathrooms, and help move furniture. They may also take ironing boards, cribs, and rollaway beds to guests' rooms. Linen room and laundry workers mark and inspect towels, sheets, and blankets to see if they can be used again. They run the washing and pressing machines in the hotel laundry.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

HOTEL HOUSEKEEPERS need no special education. A high school diploma will give them a chance to become a supervisor. Most housekeepers learn their skills on the job. Usually, beginners work with an experienced co-worker, doing routine cleaning. As they gain more experience, they are assigned more complicated tasks. In some cities, programs run by unions, government agencies, or employers teach cleaning skills. Housekeepers do not need a license or certificate.