Work Tasks

CHEFS are responsible for preparing meals that are nutritious, tasty, and attractively presented. They prepare traditional favorites, create new dishes, or improve familiar ones. They measure, mix, and cook ingredients according to recipes. They plan work schedules, and oversee the work of other kitchen workers and food sanitation and safety. They estimate food requirements, order food supplies, and maintain food costs. They plan meals, decide the size of servings, and develop menus.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Many years of training and experience are necessary to achieve the level of skill required for a CHEF in a fine restaurant. An increasing number of chefs obtain their training through vocational programs and 2- and 4-year colleges. Chefs may also be trained in 3-year apprenticeship programs offered by professional culinary institutes, industry associations, and trade unions. Some large hotels and restaurants offer their own training programs for chefs. Voluntary certification offered by the American Culinary Federation provides formal recognition of their skills.