Work Tasks

IMPORTERS/EXPORTERS (WHOLESALERS) export domestic merchandise to foreign merchants and consumers, and import merchandise from foreign manufacturers for resale to domestic retail firms and commercial businesses. Importers try to get the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible price in order to sell at a profit. Exporters sell American products to representatives of foreign companies. Importers and exporters study sales records and inventory levels of current stock and keep up with supply and demand for products and materials. They may travel a great deal and may be required to speak and understand a foreign language.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Educational requirements for IMPORTERS/EXPORTERS tend to vary with the size of the organization. Large companies accept applicants with an associate or bachelor's degree from any field of study, but prefer individuals with a background in business. Manufacturing firms prefer persons with a bachelor's or master's degree in business, economics, or technical training, such as engineering or one of the applied sciences. Knowledge of U.S. Customs practices, documentation, trade financing, transportation, and an industry or product specialty is essential. Foreign language proficiency is also an asset. No special licensing or certification is required for importers/exporters.