Library Technician


Work Tasks

LIBRARY TECHNICIANS help librarians acquire, prepare, and organize materials, and help users find materials and information. They enter catalog information into the library's computer and show patrons how to use computer systems that access data. They direct library users to standard references, organize periodicals, and prepare volumes for binding. They handle interlibrary loan requests, catalog and code library materials, verify information on order requests, and retrieve information from computer databases. Technicians in school libraries encourage and teach students to use the library and media center.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

Training requirements for LIBRARY TECHNICIANS range from a high school diploma to specialized post-secondary training. Other employers train inexperienced workers on the job. Some libraries may require that technicians have an associate's or bachelor's degree. Knowledge of databases, library automation systems, online library systems, online public access systems, and circulation systems is valuable. No special licensing or certification is required for library technicians.