Mining Engineer


Work Tasks

MINING ENGINEERS find, extract, and prepare coal, metals, and minerals for use by manufacturing industries and utilities. They design open pit and underground mines. They oversee the construction of mine shafts and tunnels in underground operations. They devise methods for transporting minerals to processing plants. They are responsible for the safe, economical, and environmentally sound operation of the mines, including ventilation, equipment maintenance, power, water supply, and communications. They may develop new mining equipment and new processes for mining, or direct mineral processing to separate minerals from the dirt, rock, and other materials.

Salary, Size & Growth

Entry Requirements

A bachelor's degree from an accredited engineering program is required for beginning MINING ENGINEERS. Many engineers obtain a master's degree to learn new technology, to broaden their education, and to enhance promotion opportunities. Graduate training is essential for engineering faculty positions. Registration requirements include a degree from an accredited engineering program, four years of relevant work experience, and a passing grade on two national examinations.